About Our Creative Production Studio

Klokwerks is a Toronto based digital real estate advertising and marketing group with affiliated US offices in Detroit MI. Our team is comprised of real estate consultants, marketing professionals, technology experts and a robust creative studio, which produces award winning 3D Photo Realistic renderings, animations, interactive tools and mobile apps.

Collectively, we provide our clientele with “Sell Today, Build Tomorrow” pre-construction sales and marketing solutions designed to start selling before a shovel hits the ground. Our industry expertise and experience allows us to architect, create and deliver solutions tailored to our client’s specific projects, products and markets.

Our high impact digital sales solutions allow our clients to spark nurture and empower a relationship with their customers across all conduits of marketing and delivery. We are oriented towards our clients needs, providing creative focus and project leadership from initial stages, right through to the final product and delivery.

What sets us apart is our never ending commitment to providing reliable and proven solutions while embracing new frontiers of creativity and technology. Passion is our fuel, creativity our pallet and technology is our canvas.

Renderings & Illustrations
3D Animation & Video Production
Creative Development
Interactive Touch-Screen Programming
Web & Mobile App Development
Augmented Reality
Virtual Reality

Digital Real Estate

Our process is centered around a system we call C.O.D.E (Create Once Deliver Everywhere). This allows us to architect effective and impactful strategies and guide them through the creative asset development stages.

Once completed, we then deploy them into sales and marketing programs in the formats of digital, print, video, mobile and online mediums. Our core capabilities include 3D Animation/Visualization, Visual/Post Production, Audio/Video/Film Production, Digital Interactive Media, Mobile App Development and Augmented Reality solutions.

Meet The Partners

Vincenzo Crupi

President & CEO/Partner

Vincenzo originally founded Klokwerks in 2001, as a 3D Visualization Studio centered on his experience as a CGI Artist in Design Visualization for the commercial real estate sector. His vision for the company further evolved into servicing advertising agencies in the CGI automotive and product sectors with similar services.

More recently, Vincenzo strategically aligned himself with the current partners and launched the latest evolution of Klokwerks as a “Digital Media and Technology Solutions” company offering a full spectrum of products and services to a larger client base internationally. Vincenzo is responsible for the ongoing growth of the company and development of strategic clients and partners.

Lino Hilario

Vice President/Partner

Lino has spent the past twenty-one years working with clients, leading marketing agencies and advertising firms internationally. His contributions to the creation of successful digital branding, marketing and advertising campaigns have assisted clients in attaining sales and marketing success.

Bound by the belief that “An idea is salvation by imagination”, Lino continually pushes the physical boundaries of creativity and technology in every idea or campaign he designs.Lino is responsible for the strategic development of traditional and emerging media platforms based on sales, marketing, mobile strategies and technology solutions.

Colin Kelly

CG Supervisor/Partner

Colin brings with him over 10 years of expertise in CGI production, animation, creative development and workflow optimization.

His role is critical in the assurance of maintaining the highest quality standards through out the entire process of developing our Photo-Realistic Assets and Environments. Colin is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day planning, production, quality assurance and final delivery of all visual products.