Sell Today, Build Tomorrow

With the introduction of the mobile devices such as the iPhone, iPad and Android tablets, digital marketing entered a new age of creative flow and freedom. The ONE SQ Sale Application for mobile/tablet provides our clients with a robust digital sales tool in the palm of their hands.

The application resides in our "Live-Platform" on a cloud based platform. It allows us to maintain and update our clients full digital marketing programs dynamically in realtime. The program allows us our clients to present, track, measure and manage the true metrics and reports of their sales campaigns and activities.

Sell Today, Build Tomorrow

Our All in One Touch Screens with built in computers are the perfect match for the ONE SQ Sales Application. Slim elegant design with all components integrated, means they can be easily installed or relocated as the projects require.

Built on Intel i5 PC technology and WiFi enabled. These systems are designed for robust performance and remote management by our team during the sales program.

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Sell Today, Build Tomorrow

Our “Sell Today, Build Tomorrow” pre-construction digital sales and marketing solutions are designed to start selling before a shovel hits the ground. Our industry expertise and experience allows us to architect, create and deliver solutions tailored to our client’s specific projects, products and markets.

Our high impact digital sales solutions allow you to spark nurture and empower a relationship with your customers across all conduits of marketing and delivery in digital, print, video, mobile and online mediums. Our core capabilities include Renderings, 3D Animation/Visualization, Visual/Post Production, Audio/Video/Film Production, Digital Interactive Media, Mobile App Development and Augmented Reality solutions.