Digital Sales Centre Solutions

With the introduction of the iPhone, iPod Touch and the iPad, digital marketing entered a new age of creative flow and freedom. Every asset we create is designed to be utilized across all platforms and formats of digital delivery. Our programmers and hardware developers provide the backbone of integration which allows us to create, install and maintain all of our interactive touch screens in sales centres and galleries for our clients.


Mobile App Development

Architectural Mobile Sales Apps for Home Builders and Condo Developers has become a well accepted tool in the new home marketplace. Real estate sales apps are built to run on the iPad, iPhone, Android platform as well as smart-phones. They are developed and built with the developers needs and brand in mind. This interactive real estate sales tool provides the perfect way to showcase all sales & marketing content including: renderings/animations, site plans, builder’s story, neighborhood amenities, building amenities, features and finishes, 360º spin views and videos.

The ability to connect the developer directly to the consumer through the downloaded app and auto updates becomes a fluent conduit of communication for updated pricing, marketing assets, news and availability. We develop all custom experiences with a key focus on social media integration sharing information, videos and details from the app via e-mail, Facebook or Twitter. Consumers with smart-phones and enabled tablet devices now become accessible in the sales ecosystem via the application.

Augmented Reality For Real Estate

Take your brand/project to a whole new dimension… literally! Augmented Reality enables us to merge the digital world with the physical world to create memorable and innovative mobile experiences that bring your printed media to life. Leveraging the latest in technological advancements in mobile and computer vision science, we architect Epic Experiences that enable customers to interact with your brand/project like never before… in glorious 4D.

Imagine the experience your potential customers will enjoy when your project literally POPs out of your printed campaigns, right before their very eyes on their mobile device. We can deliver rich media content such as video, image galleries, registration forms, links to urls and social media, document downloads, VR tours and 4D models. Contact us today to explore how we can take your project to an entirely new dimension using Augmented Reality solutions from Klokwerks.